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Anyone who can make a claim against the company will be served with notice that the company is asserting it is not liable for damages from victims. Charles Naylor, who represents victims in maritime law cases, criticized the suit and said it forces family members in their grief to respond to a lawsuit.

DaHood Victim Menu

The names of five other victims were confirmed Thursday. They include Justin Dignam, founder of a Southern California payroll company with ties to water polo programs around the country; Adrian Dahood-Fritz, a Sacramento-based scientist for the state Ocean Protection Council, and her husband, Andrew Fritz, a professional photographer; and Carrie McLaughlin and Kristian Takvam, both employees of the San Francisco-based company

Defense lawyers repeatedly had challenged the credibility of the victim, saying he had started a fight with Bey and Basheer Muhammad, lost it and invented a story out of ego and a hope that he could qualify for victim compensation funds to pay his medical bills.

The victim, whom Moriarity asked not be identified because he fears for his life, testified that he is a member of the Nation of Islam. Dahood Bey is the leader of a separate, local Black Muslim sect, as was Yusuf Bey.

It's revealed that William is a child murderer who was about to make Brooklyn his next victim until he was surrounded by the ghosts of his past child victims who dismember him with axes. Brooklyn reveals that she's an actual demon sent to claim William's soul and the Bad Things were her escorts. The souls of William's victims head to heaven while Brooklyn claims Williams's head/soul for herself. At the end of the film, Brooklyn turns to the camera and says "Do you want to hear a story" with flaming eyes and laughs manically. 041b061a72


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