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Oh My Darling

1 In the gloaming, oh, my darling! when the lights are dim and low,And the quiet shadows, falling, softly come and softly go,When the winds are sobbing faintly with a gentle, unknown woe,Will you think of me and love me, As you did once, long ago?

Oh My Darling

2 In the gloaming, oh, my darling! think not bitterly of me!Tho' I pass'd a way in silence, left you lonely, set you free,For my heart was crush'd with longing; what had been could never be.It was best to leave you thus, dear, Best for you, and best for me,

The Oh My Darling Quilt Pattern is made from pre-cut fabric so it makes it a cinch to sew up! A perfect pattern for those pre-cuts you have been holding on to, that can now be made into darling quilts.

Add extra allure to your day with the red beach towel Oh my darling by Pip. The beach towel consists of birds and fantasy flowers in deep colors. The edges are finished with a woven-in stripe. The beach towel consists of 100% high-quality cotton terry velour. As a result, the towels are not only soft but also feel sturdy. The beach towels are good moisture absorbers so you will be dry again quickly. Enjoy a wonderful beach day! 041b061a72


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