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Where To Buy Pacsafe Products [PATCHED]

Pacsafe products are made to keep you safe when traveling. Each bag is fitted with exomesh panels to keep your belongings protected. Their quality fittings allow the user to secure tight their bag and keep the pickpockets out. Pacsafe straps are anti-slash and some are even made with cable on the inside so they can't be cut. Invest in a great piece of baggage. Invest in a Pacsafe.

where to buy pacsafe products

For 3 generations, Sydney Luggage has supplied customers across Australia with a wide variety of luggage at competitive prices. From daypacks to secure roller luggage, Sydney Luggage provides exceptional service and a wide variety of products for the everyday traveller and business jetsetter alike.

Hi Sheena, If you do not feel safe using an anti-theft bag, then there are other options to keeping your belongings safe such as a bra stash or a money belt. If you are concerned about theft whilst traveling have a look at our selection of TFG articles about anti-theft products: -theft-products/ ?

Using so many of these tips on my upcoming 3 week trip in Europe. My tip, take a photo of your license and passport and upload to a site you can access from anywhere (I use google keep). If your stuff is stolen you will have the info you need.

Always know where your passport is. Carry it with you in a safe compartment of your crossover bag or in the safe of where you are staying. Also I always like to travel with a photocopy of my passport & drivers license just in case I misplace my identification.

I have to say that I love Travelon so much that I used it for my every day purse, in addition to using it while I travel! These purses have the best anti-theft protection and I feel really secure with this bag where I am in the world.

Peace of mind is priceless. I remember being so shocked in Paris 4 years ago at all the warnings on subway cars about theft. I expected it in 3rd world countries but not somewhere sophisticated like Paris. How naive I was. Thanks for a great article. Time to upgrade my purse.

Pacsafe's heritage is anchored in delivering innovative travel products that integrate unique, award-winning anti-theft technology. And while they stay true to their core, they continue to evolve both in technology and design. Not only are Pacsafe products engineered and tested to thwart thieves and stand up to the rigours of travel, they are also simple and stylish enough for everyday use.

For sizing information on Pacsafe products, please see individual product pages. Most Pacsafe products we carry on our website have sizing information. If the information you are looking for is not available online, please contact us by phone or email.

To claim your Warranty, please contact the store of purchase first (Adventure Clothing). In any event, you may contact one of the Pacsafe offices (US:; other countries: Please include your proof of purchase, your name, a photo or a description of the manufacturing defect, your mailing address and phone number. If you return your product to the manufacturer, it must be sent by carriage paid and suitably packaged.

Canada Luggage Depot gives you the best selection at the best price! We are continuously working to deliver you with the highest quality products of the industry at the lowest prices. A 100% Canadian owned company, our everyday low prices on bags & travel goods are what we pride ourselves on.

If you are anything like us, when you travel you have certain valuables such as smartphones, a laptop, cameras, tablets, passports, and other items on you that would be devastating if you lost them or had them stolen. There are many times where you do not want to carry all of these items on your person, especially if you are out for the day sightseeing, having a swim at the beach, or heading out for dinner and some drinks.

We have also walked past hotel rooms where the door to the room has been left open by cleaners and the room is unattended. Anyone could just walk in and take passports, cameras and iPads that have been left lying around. By securing your valuables in a portable travel safe and tethering the cable to a fixed object in the room, you reduce the risk and temptation of an opportunistic thief.

Pacsafe manufactures some of the most reliable products on the market in terms of standard life-expectancy. But the safety mechanisms that this backpack implements are game-changing. Now, instead of having to sleep on your bag in the airport, you can lock it closed and worry a little less about getting robbed.

Recently, outdoor gear manufacturer Patagonia announced a new program called Worn Wear that gives customers a chance to trade in their used gear for credit toward buying new products. The equipment that is turned in is then cleaned up, repaired, and resold online at a discount. This has the dual effect of saving customers money on Patagonia products, while also keeping more items from ending up in a landfill somewhere. Now, Recreational Equipment Inc. (aka REI), has launched a section on its website to sell used gear as well.

I purchased the SLNT pocket that an iphone 11 with an Otter Box fits in. The quality of the finished product is HIGH. I'm not addicted to my phone, so this allows me to place the phone in the pocket before traveling about daily without dropping digital crumbs along the way that could be used to reverse engineer my personal movements, locations and destinations with greater ease. I value my privacy due it being a fundamental human right despite what any judge or agency claims to the contrary. I was very pleased to realize that this particular SLNT fits into my back pants pocket!!! The width is 'just right'. Now that's attention to detail. This is my 3rd SLNT and I recommend them to a lot of folks. Most have never heard of such a product, let alone the reason to have one and use it.To anyone considering these products, as others have said, just get it! We live in an age where we need it. Location tracking is digital stalking. I really appreciate that some dirtbag won't be able to pull info out of my device either. Thank You SLNT, nice job.

For example, I might be roaming through the tight, crowded streets surrounding a popular tourist destination, where somebody may look to try and swipe my personal possessions while I gawk at the towering cathedral or historic monument.

Again, you have to apply online with U.S. Customs and Border Protection, basically making you a trusted traveler. You fill out an application and you have an appointment at a Global Entry enrollment center where you have an in-person interview. They do a background check, they do fingerprinting again, and it is $100. It is non-refundable but again, it's for 5 years, and you go to to check it out. The great thing about Global Entry is that it automatically includes TSA PreCheck.

There are so many different kinds of cruises. You can go on a cruise where you can go rock climbing, ice skating, or ride on a rollercoaster, or you could go on a little expedition ship where dressing up means just putting on a clean sweater for dinner and entertainment is the ecology lecture for that night. If you're a guy who wants just peace and quiet, watch the whales, and listen to the ecology lecture, you might not be happy on the rock climbing wall cruise. Your travel advisor can direct you to the cruise that will meet your interests and your budget.

Well, I think be alert. Travel defensively wherever you go. Some places have a reputation for being dangerous, but there are parts of any city you live in that you have to be careful about. Just always be aware of what's going on around you. And put things into perspective, you have a higher probability of being hit by lightning than being a victim of terrorism.

Be alert and avoid getting into situations where you might be a victim of crime. Everybody's talking about boundaries these days. Maintain your boundaries and if you're going to meet a stranger, meet them in the hotel bar or at a public place. 041b061a72


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