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Special 26 4 Full Movie in Hindi HD: Where to Stream or Download the Action-Packed Thriller

Special 26 4 Download Movie in Hindi HD: How to Watch the Thrilling Heist Film Online

If you are a fan of heist movies, you must have heard of Special 26, a 2013 Hindi film that was based on the true story of the 1987 Opera House heist. The film was a critical and commercial success, earning rave reviews and over 100 crore at the box office. It was also remade in Tamil as Thaanaa Serndha Koottam in 2018.

Special 26 4 download movie in hindi hd


But did you know that there is a sequel to Special 26, called Special 26 4? Yes, you read that right. The makers of the film have announced that they are working on a follow-up to the original film, which will be released in 2023. The sequel will feature the same team of con artists, who pose as CBI officers and conduct raids on corrupt politicians and businessmen, but this time, they will face a new challenge and a new enemy.

In this article, we will tell you everything you need to know about Special 26 4, why you should watch it, and how to download it in Hindi HD for free. So, read on and get ready for a thrilling ride.

What is Special 26 4?

Special 26 4 is an upcoming Hindi-language period heist thriller film, written and directed by Neeraj Pandey, who also helmed the first film. It is a sequel to Special 26, which was inspired by the real-life incident of the Opera House heist, where a group of men posing as CBI officers raided a jewellery store in Mumbai and looted it of 35 lakh worth of jewellery.

The plot of Special 26 4

The plot of Special 26 4 is not yet revealed by the makers, but according to some reports, it will be set in the present day and will involve a bigger heist than the previous one. The film will also explore the backstory of the main characters and their motivations for becoming con artists.

The film will also introduce a new antagonist, who will be played by Nawazuddin Siddiqui. He will be a ruthless cop who is determined to catch the fake CBI team and expose their crimes. He will also have a personal vendetta against them, as they had raided his house in the past and taken away his ill-gotten wealth.

The cast and crew of Special 26 4

The cast of Special 26 4 will feature most of the actors from the first film, along with some new additions. Here is the list of the confirmed cast members so far:

  • Akshay Kumar as Ajay Singh / Ajju Bhai, the leader of the fake CBI team

  • Anupam Kher as Pramod Kumar Sharma / P.K., Ajay's partner-in-crime

  • Manoj Bajpayee as Waseem Khan / CBI Officer Khan, a real CBI officer who is after Ajay's team

Jimmy Sheirgill as Ranveer Singh / SI Ranveer Singh, a police officer who unknowingly helps Ajay's team b70169992d


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