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Buy Peonies Near Me

Owlet Farms is a local peony farm based near Philadelphia, that sells fresh cut flowers and peony stems online. We also offer fresh-cut peony pickups at the farm for our local customers in Philly. Owlet Farms grows a wide range of flowers, but our specialty is peonies. We grow a lot of different colors and variants of peonies, so you can be sure to find the right flower for your event or party.

buy peonies near me

Looking for a unique and meaningful gift to give to your dearly beloved or those you care about most? We can assure you that almost no gift will leave a bigger impression on your loved ones in Philadelphia than a bouquet of our fresh-cut peonies!

In the U.S., most peonies are grown in states north of South Carolina and Texas. Some varieties can grow farther south but they rarely bloom because winter temperatures are not low enough for flower buds to develop properly, the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) explains.

Tubers are sold at venues in late summer and fall and some places sell fully grown peonies in the spring. But these are expensive and few survive the dry weather of summer. So it is better to buy and plant tubers in the autumn, the federal body says.

Apart from a few woodland species of peonies that require filtered sunlight and can be planted in shady spots, almost all peonies require at least a half day of sunlight. Many do best with full sun exposure, notes the American Peony Society.

The USDA says peonies can grow in areas that are shaded for around two or three hours per day. But they won't produce large flowers when they are grown beneath trees or shrubs, as the roots of these plants will take up the water that the peonies need.

Alec White of Primrose Hall Peonies (opens in new tab) has had a love affair with peonies ever since he first started growing them 15 years ago and he believes every garden deserves at least one beautiful peony. So, he has shared the biggest peony myths and misconceptions with us and debunked them with simple explanations, in the hope that gardeners who have previously been put off from growing peonies might decide that they will finally give it a go and choose to grow a peony of their own.

This myth is the most prolific and the truth is if you follow some simple rules with peonies, you will be able to have a gorgeous plant blooming in your garden from the first season you plant your new peony.

It is not clear where exactly this myth has come from but a lot of peony beginners have been worried about the more recent cold snowy winters. The truth is that peonies have been popular for centuries and have been used in medicine and food in Europe and China for thousands of years.

Parts of China and also Japan, which is well known for tree peonies, have much colder climates. There are well-known growers and breeders in northern states of America and even in Alaska, very well known for lots of snow.

Myth totally busted: peonies are happy in any soil type even clay provided the soil is free draining. If you have particularly solid clay soil try mixing in some sand or pebbles through the soil to encourage drainage before planting.

Any plant is not super happy about being moved from its cozy spot which it had become accustomed to but peonies are absolutely fine with being moved. It is best to plan where you would like to move your peony to so you can have as smooth a transition as possible. The best time is also in the autumn once the plant has been cut back (and has been pruned if it is a tree peony).

This could not be further from the truth and may have come about because some peonies have not flowered and so people think they have essentially died, dug them up and not given them a chance. Peonies are in fact a long lived plant. They can last for decades in the garden and some varieties have been known to live for 90 plus years happily.

Our favorite myth to bust, it is with delight that we love chatting to gardeners and telling them that most peony varieties are scented! Some varieties more than others though and it is not linked to color as we currently grow many peonies with fragrance in red, fuschia, apricot, yellow, white and cream! There are different types of peony scents ranging from spicy, sweet, powdery and citrus.

Intersectional hybrid peonies, a cross between tree and herbaceous varieties, can produce huge fragrant blooms, which seem to hold better on the stem due to woodier tree peony DNA making them a sturdy plant and will often flower for twice as long as a normal tree peony (perhaps for 4-5 weeks).

Peonies are some of the most exquisite flowers in existence. They have long been a symbol of romance, elegance, and femininity; therefore, they are suitable for weddings and special occasions. Black Tulip Flowers offers a wide selection of peonies for any occasion.

The quality of the peonies from Black Tulip Flowers is top-notch. Our peonies come in different varieties and colours, each with unique characteristics. We have traditional and antique types, which feature large heads and strong stems, and you can now send flowers to India with our easy online delivery. We also have a selection of modern hybrids which feature eye-catching colours and unique petal formations. All the peonies are carefully selected to ensure the highest quality and last up to a week after delivery.

With our fast and reliable online flower delivery service, send flowers to India to send a thoughtful and beautiful gift to someone special. Order peonies online from Black Tulip Flowers today and bring a touch of elegance and joy to any occasion.

My passion for peonies started when my sister shared Red Charm with me. My reaction was "Oh My! Peonies!" Since then my hobby with peonies has grown to more than 300 peony varieties. We are thrilled to bring our hobby of growing peonies to you so you can find enjoyment and excitement in growing this "gem of the garden" as we did.

A passion for peonies transforms Wisconsin dairy farm - Wisconsin LifeWe have a variety of peonies including some heirloom varieties, some new varieties and some that are just hard-to-find! We offer a variety of lactiflora, herbaceous hybrid, Itoh or intersectional and Japanese varieties, so we're sure there's a treasure for you to find in our gardens.

Fortunately, a little Googling landed me on Pure Peonies website, where I was excited to see that they are indeed open to the public for a short window each year. Starting in early May to mid-June, Pure Peonies, a Washington peony farm, opens their beautiful garden to the public for admiring as well as taking home fresh cut peonies for yourself.

Our beautiful peony farm in St. Albans, Maine opens its doors each June to share the abundance of blooms with visitors. You can wander through rows of plants and experience a variety of majestic sizes and colors, such as the Coral Charm variety that may reach 4-5 feet tall when in bloom. Our walk-in cooler offers fresh cut flowers for weddings and other events throughout June and July. We also offer potted peonies ready to go, plus roots for fall planting. Follow us on social media for peak bloom times and availability online at Stay tuned for the Open House date, and we hope to see you there!"

I love peonies so much!! And this is funny because I was talking to my husband non-stop all weekend about how I wanted to plant a bunch around our house. I may have missed this because I was distracted by the beautiful pictures, but how much sun do they need a day?

Your problem was that you transplanted, rather than dividing and then planting. Peonies need to be divided when moved. I had this same problem some 25 years ago. We bought a large peony that we had dug from a plant sale (the land was going to be subdivided and built on, so the retiring couple held a dig-your-own plant sale for charity on their five acres). We dug a mature peony, and did as you did. We transplanted the entire root structure. Well, it did nothing; no blooms and sickly foliage. Only after speaking with more experienced growers did we learn that peonies need to be divided into divisions of 3 to approximately 6 eyes, about the size of your hand. Then replant with the eyes facing up, one to two inches below the soil surface. So, dig it up in Autumn, or buy from a peony nursery. I now grow well over 100 varieties of peonies.

Hello Chelsea, I live in southern California and have over 50 peonies plants in my yard. I have about ten that have not bloomed and others that are just beautiful. What do you fertilize with and what time of year do you fertilize ?

I have had the same experience with transplant vs store bought. My first peonies were from a bulb but it was all sad and nothing on it but the tuber. In recent years my plants have been sending up smaller plants and I give them to friends. All of them have had a small branch with leafs on it. They have all bloomed the next year. The original ones took about 3 years to bloom and they just had one or two blooms on them. Now I have to put a metal ring support around them or the branches fall to the ground because it has so many blooms on it and they are big and heavy. I learned the hard way not to transplant even in the spring. I did this a few months ago and I am hoping they will come back in the fall. They look really dry even though they get plenty of water.Good luck to you all. Peonies are my favorite. I wish I could find some English roses here in the US, they might rival the peony for me.

Hello, love your post about Peonies. I am a fellow naptown resident as well and have always wondered if I could successfully grow peonies myself. I guess you answered my question! Checkout my blog as well: Love your blog by the way.

I asked a Botany professor about the ant question once as I had heard this too. He said they have no interaction other than that the ants like the sticky sap around the flower buds. Ants are not necessary for peonies.

I bought 3 plants from Walmart last year. 2 bloomed this year. I had NO ants and 5 gorgeous peonies flowers. I may have planted the other too deep. It is much smaller than the other two with no buds. I wilł lift it in the fall. Thanks for the tip. 041b061a72


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