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Closet Shelving

Good news: you have more space for storage than you think! With nifty wardrobe shelving, you can make the most of those tricky little nooks and reach-in closets. These wall-hanging wardrobe shelving units, with smart features like extendable clothes rails, are just perfect for small spaces.

closet shelving

Many of our shelving units for wardrobes are suggested combinations. You get shelves, baskets and clothes rails in different fixed widths and heights. This gives you a good starting point when planning your own wardrobe. But, if none of our ready-made combinations fit your ideal setup, you can create your own combinations. That way, you can adapt the shelving specifically to your space.

Remember that some shelving units for wardrobes need to be fixed to the wall. And when you do so, be aware that different wall materials can support different loads of weight. And different wall materials also require different types of fixing devices.

Our Birmingham, AL-based company is dedicated to providing solutions for all of you storage needs. At Closet Shelving Solutions, we take the time to meet and discuss what the best design is for each individual customer. We specialize in laminate as well as wire shelving. We install custom closets in master closets, bedroom closets, pantries, laundry rooms, garages, and more. Our company would love to meet for a free consultation and help you get organized!

Our Birmingham, Alabama based custom closet and shower door company is family-owned and operated, so you know you are getting the very best local service. We are dedicated to providing custom solutions for all of your closet and storage needs. At Closet Shelving Solutions, we take the time to meet and discuss what the best closet design is for each individual customer. Our number one goal is to make sure that you understand our vision of redesigning your current space to find its unseen potential of being the perfect, sensible solution to meet your needs

Closet Shelving Solutions LLC is family operated and has been helping people update their shower doors and closetsfor over 10 years. Our company understands that each customer is different and has individual storage requirements. All of our customers receive a free in-home consultation and quote, along with ideas about how to improve their current shelving situation. Our company also offers a wide variety of bath hardware to revamp your existing or new construction homes

Keep your space organized with closet shelves, hooks & accessories. At Target, find a wide range of organizers to choose from. Pick from closet shelves, storage hooks, closet organizers, garment organizers, drawers, storage bins and more. Ideal for storing clothes, household items, shoes, office supplies, and electronics in your home, office, dorm, or apartment, you are sure to find a compact design for all your needs. Find a wide collection of organizers for your bedroom, bathroom, office space and more. Explore a variety of closet shelves & accessories to find the perfect one for your space.

We all have that one closet that has become a black hole for junk! In our house, that was the one in the office, which was previously our son's bedroom. It was an untamed mess of clothes, toys, shoes and other random stuff. It was a disaster, and you could barely shut the door!

This space will be a lot easier to tackle than my son's bedroom closet with a slanted ceiling and attic access door. I created a custom closet build with French cleat shelves that can be easily removed if we need to get into the attic crawl space.

This small closet had two rods extending front to back, rather than side to side. We don't need that much hanging space, so I removed one of the rods. I'm amazed this thing could hold any weight at all! That's some quality craftsmanship right there...

Now I could measure the interior available space and decide how many shelves I needed. Consider what you plan to store inside before you start building. I wanted a spot for our portable air conditioner, and it fit perfectly in the recessed side of the closet.

I measured the width of the wall from front to back in several places (since walls are rarely perfectly straight). There was trim around the inside of the closet door, so I also measured from the side wall to the trim.

Of course, you could make solid wood shelves instead! You can also find simple melamine shelves like these at the big box store, although there's a bigger selection of colors and sizes online if you want something other than white. They typically come in 24", 36", 48" and 72" widths. If your closet doesn't fit these exact dimensions, buy the next one up and cut it to the length you need.

Hold the first bracket on the wall of the closet, and predrill a hole wherever the bracket lines up with the studs or the hollow wall anchors. This will prevent the wood from splitting when you drive in the screw.

I was thrilled to discover that both the air conditioner and the exhaust hose fit under the bottom shelf nicely. I was planning to hang the vent hose from the ceiling of the closet, but this works much better!

Suit jackets and dresses (which are rarely worn around here!) fit on the single rod that extends front to back on the other side of the closet. There's even empty space in the middle of the floor, but I'm hoping to keep it clear for as long as possible!

Do you want to make the most of your closet space? Custom shelving does not have to be expensive or hard. These DIY shelving and closet projects are a perfect solution to help you create an organized space. From DIY shelving ideas to wood shelving ideas to organizing craft supplies here are unique DIY closet organizer ideas for you.

Sometimes you want to completely organize the closet and other times you can completely redo the space to be whatever you want. Closets are an awesome space to start to think outside of the box (literally) to meet your individual needs.

An easy way to increase storage and help a messy closet is by removing the doors. Our children have easy access to their art supplies but also have to organize the open shelving before leaving the space. No more just closing the doors!

You can create simple wood shelves using farmhouse brackets to turn an unused basement closet into an amazing craft supply storage area. Add your own storage bins or recycle plastic containers like we did. We can just see the creativity coming out of this kid's craft room.

This kid's closet is what all parents hope for. We love that everything is labeled and appears to have a specific place. The top shelf is the perfect place to store seasonal items and off-season clothes. This organized closet really used all the valuable real estate.

This small closet used all available space by adding two wooden hanging rods and adding storage space on the sides of the closet. This tiny bedroom closet design gives you easy access to everything you would need. We also love the added mirror on the back of the door.

Sick of those old wire shelving units and need a more custom shelving option? Creating your own easy, custom wood shelves is an awesome shelving idea. We also love the contrasting gray painted walls with white shelves to add a little pop to this space.

Turn that unused closet into an entryway storage cubby in your home. Add beadboard, hooks and shelves to store everyday items. We also love that we were able to paint the closet a fun color. Again, maybe taking the doors off the closet will force you to keep it more organized.

If you don't need a closet, consider changing it into something completely brand new. We love how creative these tweens got to make a cozy space for just them. Getting the whole family involved in DIY projects is a sure way to bond together! We even could see our hexagon-painted wall working here.

Small walk-in closets can be hard to use all the space correctly. This closet is a perfect example of how to add shelving, drawer organizers and shelf dividers for a custom feel. From the fun chandelier to the circle mirror this closet makeover showcases her personality while providing tons of storage.

If creating a DIY closet out of wood or your own materials, then you could always purchase a closet kit to help you out. Personalize this closet by adding an extra hanging rod or different shelves to meet your needs.

We love the use of simple and bright color bins in the same size to keep you organized. Not to mention how smart it is to use the back of the closet door to display school concepts for your little ones.

Did we mention we love painted designs? This easy wall design added a lot of character to this pantry closet. Simply use painter's tape to get your vertical lines and paint the walls your favorite color.

Comparing the before and after closets is mindblowing. No one would even think this is the same closet. Creating a DIY french cleat system in a closet is our genius and one we think our kiddos could actually keep neat.

If you have an awkward corner in your closet or a small bedroom in need of extra storage, a corner unit is for you. You can get different kinds, but I recommend grabbing one with both hanging and folding room.

Purses and shoes inherently go together when assembling an outfit, so it only makes sense to pair them in your closet too. This cubed accessory organizer is the perfect solution to your early morning outfit woes.

Has your child just moved out? Repurposing an old craft room? Just sick of not having enough space for your belongings? The solution to all these problems is to give that old room new life as a walk-in closet! 041b061a72


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