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Pro Facebook Hack V 1.5 Password Keygen Patch Crack: How It Works and Why It Doesn't

As a point of reference, password hacking is different from password exposure, such as shared passwords and the insecure documentation of passwords. Password hacking involves attackers attempting to crack or determine a password using a variety of programmatic techniques and automation using specialized tools.

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Windows Password Hashes The SAM and AD store passwords in their hashed form under the assumption that if the database is compromised, the passwords won't be immediately compromised as well. Fully patched versions of Windows 98 and later OSs are capable of two types of password hashes: LAN Manager (LM) and NT. The LM password hash was invented by IBM and first used by Microsoft more than a decade ago. The LM hash turned out to be a very weak hash algorithm and is easy to compromise. Any skillful password hacker can convert an LM password hash to its plaintext original in seconds.

Microsoft subsequently created the NT hash for NT. Although not uncrackable, the NT hash is significantly more difficult to crack than the LM hash. If a password is sufficiently long and complex (more on that later), a hacker can require days or months to convert the NT hash to its plaintext original. Unfortunately, NT and later versions of Windows by default store both hash values for every password. The simple step of disabling the storage of LM hashes significantly increases your network's password security.


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