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"Undertaking to live as brother and sister is necessary for the divorced and civilly remarried to receive reconciliation in the Sacrament of Penance, which could then open the way to the Eucharist," the guidelines read.

In a footnote to "The Joy of Love," Francis wrote that many people, while acknowledging the brother-sister option, "point out that if certain expressions of intimacy are lacking, it often happens that faithfulness is endangered and the good of the children suffers."

Frequency of expression in mentally retarded (MR) fragile X (fra[X]) males has been shown to be affected by genetic factors and laboratory procedures. Among MR females, factors that contribute to cytogenetic expression have been more problematic in part due to lower frequency of expression and X-inactivation. We examined fra(X) sisters to determine whether genetic factors affecting frequency of expression in sisters were comparable to those in brothers. Evaluations obtained from 2 data sets for a total of 66 families in which at least 2 affected brothers and/or 2 affected sisters were found cytogenetically positive were selected. Of 166 subjects chosen, 118 were male and 48 were female. Sibs were evaluated using an analysis of covariance (ANCOVA) with 2 factors (family, sex) adjusted for the covariate, age. Results indicated that interactive effects (family-by-sex) and main effects (family, sex, age) were significant but the interactive effect of age-by-sex was not. Consequently, one-way analyses of variance (ANOVA) of the effect of family were calculated separately for brothers and sisters. Correlation coefficients between family and cytogenetic frequency was r = .84 for brothers and r = .79 for sisters. Analysis of these coefficients indicated that they were not significantly different from one another (Z = 0.85, p greater than .40). While other factors may affect cytogenetic expression, whatever familial factors control frequency of expression among brothers appear to affect frequency of expression among sisters as well.

Theatre Review by Howard MillerGbenga AkinnagbePhoto by Hunter Canning If you are unfamiliar with the confrontational plays of Thomas Bradshaw, be advised that he is known for happily jumping without a parachute into graphic depictions of sex and violence. For instance, Burning, which had an Off Broadway run four years ago, featured man/man sex, man/boy sex, hetero sex, brother/sister sex, oral sex, anal sex, and sex with hermaphrodites, along with plenty of dorsal and full-frontal nudity. Similar assaults on an audience's sensibilities have marked more recent works, as well, including Job (2012), which included scenes of murder, rape, and castration, and Intimacy (2014), which focused on the joys of suburban porn.By these measures, Bradshaw's latest, Fulfillment, now at the Flea Theater, marks a reining in of some of these in-your-face extravaganzas. To be sure, Fulfillment still give us plenty of nudity, sex, and violence. But this time around, these elements are in service to a compelling cautionary tale about an African American man who implodes when he attempts to fit into a certain upscale, decidedly arrogant and privileged lifestyle of expensive condos, hot babes, booze, and cocaine. Michael (Gbenga Akinnagbe) is a senior associate at a major New York City law firm, where he has been putting in 80-hour workweeks on his climb up the ladder of success. He is involved sexually and romantically with another of the firm's attorneys, Sarah (Susannah Flood), and has just purchased a $1.5 million one-bedroom Soho condo.All seems to be going well until Sarah suggests to him that both he (the firm's only African American attorney) and she (its only woman) are being passed over for partnerships due to the biases of the senior partners. Once that idea takes hold, it affects every aspect of his life at work. Meanwhile, there are problems at his new home in the form of an upstairs neighbor-from-hell (Jeff Biehl). How Michael handles (or mishandles) things becomes the core of the play.Bradshaw is not a careful constructor of plays, and he tends to incorporate too many tangential plot elements, but with Fulfillment he is on to something significant by presenting us with both a serious theme and complicated characters whose ids and superegos are in constant battle. Sarah is not presented as a manipulative "Iago" type when she plants the idea that racism might be holding Michael back at work, and she is there to support him in his struggle with alcoholism and a short temper. Yet she has no compunctions about hooking up with his best friend (Christian Conn), who is seeking refuge from his own troubled marriage. Similarly, while the upstairs neighbor (Jeff Biehl) with whom Michael is locked in outrageous combat is white, Bradshaw allows us to draw our own conclusions about any racial motivation that might be a contributing factor. The violence, when it occurs, is both inevitable and important to the plot. Arguably, however, the blatant sexual scenes suggest that Bradshaw has become too enmeshed in his own image as a provocateur; here it adds nothing but provocation. Still, Fulfillment has a lot going for it, including its excellent ensemble of actors under Ethan McSweeny's direction. Rounding out the cast and equally strong are Peter McCabe as Michael's boss, who indicates that Michael is, indeed, on the path to a partnership once he gets his drinking under control; Otoja Abit as a major athlete the firm is trying to bring in as a client; and, in several small roles in which she excels, Denny Dillon. The perfect industrial-chic set design is by Brian Sidney Bembridge, and the "sex choreographer," who manages to keep things just on this side of porn, is Yehuda Duenyas. FulfillmentThrough October 19Flea Theater, 41 White Street between Broadway and Church StreetTickets online and current Performance Schedule: OvationTix Share:

Zebby, a staff illustrator for the Daily Iowan who is finishing her bachelor's degree in fine arts at the University of Iowa, said she planned to hand-illustrate the portraits of American women featured in the deck. Her brother said he hadn't found another deck of playing cards like it, save this deck featured on Amazon.

"I don't think they would have let me stay [home] if I wasn't [a feminist]," Zach said jokingly in reference to his mothers. He and his sister didn't want to take all of the credit for the idea behind the Woman Card(s) project. After the back-and-forth between Trump and Clinton, it was "Texts From Hillary" creator Adam Smith's tweet that helped light the Wahls' fuse.


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