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Private Life(2018)

This religiously motivated anti-abortion measure is similar to anti-abortion laws already on the books in some U.S. states, including Texas, which has a ban after six weeks of pregnancy, and Kentucky, which limits private health insurance coverage of abortion.

Private Life(2018)


In contrast to the United States, Ireland is moving away from political control over private life. Its history offers some lessons. For decades before 2018, pregnant people in Ireland faced forced pregnancy, suffering and even death, a cautionary tale for what pregnant people in the U.S. could face if Roe is reversed.

Results: Social support and sense of coherence were found to be significant predictors for high quality of life in all domains. Most nurses in this study spent more time on work than their private lives. However, there was no significant difference in job satisfaction among the four groups of nurses' proportions of percentages of actual time spent on work and private life. 041b061a72


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