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The Cover Story Malayalam Full Movie Download

the characters are so different and the story is so entertaining it makes a movie based on it worth watching. the story is based on a true story about a man who goes to jail for 5 months for beating his wife. he then gets out on bail and is convinced that his wife is pregnant with his kid and the bail is a way to support his wife. in fact he is trying to get his wife to turn to prostitution but she refuses. the man who beat her has a 2nd wife and 2 kids of his own and he is not willing to leave them behind. he is taking care of both of his family.

the Cover Story malayalam full movie download

now i know what a movie is about! a classic romcom with all the famous actors - suresh gopi, mohanlal, jayaram, nithya menen, devan, neha saxena and others. the story line is simple - vinayan (mohanlal) and rajan (jayaram) are brothers who have separate lives but share a beautiful daughter. they both hate each other and they fight a lot but they love their daughter. one day a new girl comes into their lives and they fall in love with her.

this is the best malayalam movie in last 3 years, for me. it is based on this screenplay written by sujatha sivakumar. i have watched this film so many times. i am not able to watch any other movie at that time. i will definitely recommend this movie to all people.

my favourite romantic comedy, which is based on a true story. its a great movie and its a must watch. it's based on a real life incident that took place at narimanpet junction. a girl gets into the wrong taxi and meets a man who is driving the taxi. they fall in love and decide to live together. however, the girl's parents don't agree and they separate.


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