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My Little Pony 1080p Tpb

This is the complete series all 221 episodes, the Movie, Holiday Specials, the Rainbow Roundtrip. Animated Shorts and the Clip Show. This is the Ultimate Pony Collection. Everything has been cleaned, enhanced and mastered in 1080p HD with 5.1 DD Surround Sound and Stereo.

My Little Pony 1080p Tpb


Yes, it isn't quite as good as the show. Still, that shouldn't be held against the movie. This spinoff still maintains the MLP franchise's tendency to go beyond the stereotypicalness and obviousness of other girls shows and films. Yeah, the high school format is predictable, but there is something about a pony in a human's body and a battle with a monster at the end that shakes things up some. Dialogue is on point and there are some funny bits. The songs are all forgettable though, I'll give you that. 350c69d7ab


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